Group profile



Jun Ankang Group is a large health industry group company focusing on medical care, pension, health care, health management, tourism, cultural tourism, characteristic town and garden complex. Now we have more than 20 health enterprises, and more than 50 chain and alliance units. The Group took the lead in establishing a new mode of integration of medical institutions and pension institutions in Sichuan, and has more than ten years of professional management and operation experience, good profit model and excellent operation and management team, and formed the Group's management and control mode.

According to the strategic plan, Jun Ankang Group is committed to building a market value of Qian billion and developing into a big health industry as the core. It integrates the planning, project consultation, asset evaluation, research, design, development, trusteeship, management, training, technology and brand output, investment and holding of high-end health care, scenic spots, characteristic towns and rural complexes. Large healthy industrial carrier enterprise group with complete industrial chain and national chain